Couples, are you tired of:

Couples Advice
  • Bickering but don’t know how to stop?

  • Feeling isolated in your romantic relationship?

  • Wondering what has to change in order for you to be HAPPY again?

  • Trying to communicate and not getting the results you want, or even feel like you’ve been heard?

My husband and I both desired a deep and meaningful relationship and knew that what we had been taught was not going to keep us happy and loving. Our models did the very best that they could but we wanted coping mechanisms that were “win-win,” uplifting, and mutually respectful. We have sought the best tools from the best teachers. We regularly attend couple retreats and do exercises that enable to have a relationship full of peace, communication, and fun! I want to share what we have learned with you.

“One of the things I want most in life is to have a strong, loving and empowering relationship with my partner. Working with Sarah for just one hour, I was opened up to a whole new approach for how to show up in my relationship. It has had an amazing effect. It has enhanced my ability to communicate during difficult situations, my ability to ask for what I need in a clear, concise and loving way, and my desire to love my partner the way he deserves to be loved. Relationships are what life is about and this has done wonders for mine!”

Dani, Seattle

My enhanced Make Way for New Experience System is a multi-step course that we take together so that you can get clean from past habits and patterns, lovingly resolve conflicts, compassionately communicate and more!

  • Learn 100% Effective Forgiveness protocol
  • Compassionately and Honestly Resolve Conflicts
  • Uncover and discard limiting beliefs that sabotage you
  • Discover Your Love Expression for Optimum Mutual Satisfaction
  • Build Closeness, Connection, and Intimacy
  • Learn How to More Easily Appreciate Your Mate
  • Discover What Your Values as a Couple Are
  • Create your Unlimited Potential Roadmap--Where Do You Want to Go as a Couple?

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