Close Encounters of a Selfless Kind

Here is a sentiment that is not popular but can change your life:

“I can feel close to you without you feeling close to me.  My feelings of closeness are not dependent upon yours.”

What that means is that one can give freely without expectation of a specific result (payback)!  This moves us into LOVE and away from BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS.

Can you love your partner (or someone else) even when he or she is not being loving toward you?  Can you release them to have their crankiness and refrain from worrying about yourself?

When I give we love with expectation it isn’t really love, it is something for something.  It puts us in a place of LACK and a place of TAKING.  The energy that is directed toward seeking emanates from us and acts as a repellant force field.

When we act from the heart in a deep, sincere, and giving manner, that is ATTRACTIVE and draws people near to us.

True love has only to do with GIVING.  In this time and space, we are a little cuckoo about giving.  We give in order to receive which is really manipulation.

If you hear someone talk about how they give and give and give that is a subtler form of selfishness!  When we give and our own tanks are empty, we are failing to recognize our human limits and are driven by an ego that demands we manipulate or control the situation or people around us!

Your homework:

Love in the face of indifference, fear, or anger.  This does not mean that you place yourself in a position to be harmed.  It means that you can send someone love FROM AFAR: from a protected place.

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