Celebrating Each Day


fireworksIt takes consistent effort to bring about positive changes in your life. One practice that I always recommend for all my clients is that of keeping a success journal.The idea is to record every success that you can, everyday.

Nothing is too small; whether it’s making it on time to an appointment, getting a haircut, or getting the car washed. The big ones count too of course—new client or job, new home, an award of recognition, etc. However, we want to start to see successes everywhere—because they are there, we simply need to train ourselves to see them.

This act of celebration is a tremendously subtle yet profound way to practice the laws of contribution and receiving.

How it works is that when you allow yourself to celebrate even the tiniest successes, you contribute to your own wellbeing and happiness.  The exercise keeps you in a positive and upbeat frame of mind by reinforcing the fact that you are moving forward.

When my clients report back to me that they haven’t kept up with their success journals, they also report lagging behind in other areas of self-care.

Self-Care is very different from the all too common over-developed sense of self-sufficiency. There is a huge energetic difference between getting it all done, in order to assuage some sense of doom or “shoulds” and doing something lovely for oneself and creating a space of peace and joy. The latter is self-care.  There is breathing room there!

However, when we stop finding joy and happiness in our achievements, big or small, we put ourselves in a sort of limbo. We stop doing things for ourselves, because we don’t give ourselves the time and space to realize how much joy these changes are bringing into our lives.

A success journal is a spiritual tool that can help us stay motivated towards self-care. The more we celebrate life, the more fulfilling it becomes.


Your Assignment:

Set aside some time everyday; one minute counts! Reflect on the day’s events and make a note of all your achievements.  Take this time to celebrate your achievements and give yourself the credit due.  After two weeks of practicing this regularly, reflect on your state of mind. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about your life? Bonus: Refer to the last day’s journal, before you make a new entry and feel how amped you get.


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