Break Your Heart OPEN

With the recent sudden death of a dear friend, I am blown away at the far-reaching effects one life can have on so many.
This particular soul was one-in-a-million and deeply touched many lives. His presence was so huge, and his absence is profound.
While many of us were gathered, reminiscing, grieving, and celebrating, I was truly touched by the capacity for his circle of loved ones to “go there.” What I mean is that each person dove into their grief in their own real way that was deeply beautiful.
I saw no dysfunction, which can be rare, since profound grief can bring out the worst in us. Instead I saw and experienced the exquisite agony of deep sorrow and loss. I realized as we traveled this journey together, that this beautiful soul has given us the opportunity to break our heats open.
What that means is facing full on the depth of humanity: our emotions in dazzling Technicolor.
When we allow ourselves to experience this full spectrum, we increase our capacity for sorrow, yes, but also for joy. The clamp that we so easily (and often, quite early in our lives) place on the hose to our feelings does not differentiate between “good” emotions and “bad.”
We must be able to show up for the tough stuff to expand our courage to fully embrace the sweetness that life has to offer.
After all, none of us gets out of here alive. We might as well play full out, right?
Your Turn:
Can you be truly present with your emotions today. It takes guts, but once you allow yourself to do it and overcome the fear of feeling, you can experience freedom beyond your imagination.

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