Both Parties Should Forgive

Sometimes we pay lip service to forgiveness, and when we do that, only one at most, of the parties is satisfied but we can always tell on some level, even an invisible one, that something is out of sync, so even that alleged satisfaction is unsatisfying.  What our objective here is, that we want BOTH PARTIES to be ABSOLUTELY HEARD & UNDERSTOOD.  How do we accomplish this?  We find the language of forgiveness, which is different for everyone!  The good news is that we can find out  how we each need to be apologized to.  Make a list of times that someone effectively apologized to you. Look the list over and ask yourself, "What language, posture, sensibility were present when I forgave this person?"  You may like someone to say, "I was wrong." rather than, "I apologize."  For me, I need the person to take full responsibility and be humble enough to acknowledge my hurt.  Look to see what you need and then educate your partner on the details that help you to forgive.  We go much deeper into this process in the Couple's Make Way for a New Experience, but here you get a little sample of how to set each other up to win. The Couple's Make Way for a New Experience is revamped and ready to go!  If you know someone who could benefit from it, please send them my way.

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