Being OK with Perfectly Imperfect

One of the biggest blessings that we learn on the path is this: that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is good.

This blessing can also be used as self-inflicted torture.

Too often we make the jump from an emotional event to “it’s all good” without pausing and allowing for our humanity to be expressed.  It can be very distracting and uncomfortable to have to actually feel our feelings, so we force ourselves into a willful “acceptance” that is as phony as it sounds.

When we bypass the actual emotions caused by internal or external stimulus, we deprive ourselves of our humanity and cause more suffering by judging ourselves for being human.

Somewhere along the line, many of us got it into our heads that if we do this growth thing long enough, that we will know better and be absolved from our humanity.

This is an ego-driven situation.  Having unrealistic expectations of our perfection is arrogant and lacks compassion.  When we lack compassion for ourselves, there is no room for compassion for others.

When we can be sweetly accepting of our own humanity, we expand the realm of compassion and offer a more heart-centered experience for all.

Your Turn: Can you allow yourself the dignity of your full human experience?  When an uncomfortable emotion gets activated in you, can your approach be, “Oh, how cute.  He’s having an emotion.”?  Will you allow yourself to be perfectly imperfect today?


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