Are you sure?

So many of our upsets or frustrations, perhaps even all, could be avoided, if we had a wider perception of what was really going on.

Or even what is possibly going on.

Moving beyond communication, which is limited by our humanity and training, we can open up to the idea that we are always being protected and cared for we shift from victim into victor.

I love the quote by Thich Nhat Hahn, “Are you sure? Misperceptions lead to disharmony and suffering.” In other words, “what else could be going on here?”

What this means is that when someone cuts me off in traffic, it could be a divine hand making me slow down to avoid a future problem.

When someone rejects me in some way, I am protected, either from them or causing them future harm!

All annoyances could be in place, not to vex me but to provide me with what I need in this time and space to stretch me into who I am to become.

This new shift in perspective lets us all off the hook of resentment or regret and shifts our minds from an antagonistic view (“I’m getting screwed!) to altruistic (“that’s interesting!”).

Your Assignment:
Reflecting on your year or day, is there a hurt that you can raise up to a new uplifted status? Instead of making someone wrong or bad, can you see them as a guardian angel of some sort? We are all in this together, after all.

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