Are you a Pushy Helper?

Are you a Pushy Helper?

Sometimes when we are on the growth path, we tend to get excited about new things that we learn.

If you are like me, when something resonates, I jump in with both feet.  If I get good results with a new perspective or tool, I can get a little over-eager to share it!

In my travels, I have found that it isn’t always the best approach to go singing from the mountain tops about how great this new (to me) idea is and how everyone should really try it.

We have to meet people where they are and often the mind will fixate on the potential of where they could be.  Our exuberance can come off as arrogance.  When we offer unsolicited advice, especially to our loved ones, we can cause disharmony with our good intentions.

As we gear up for the holiday season, we must give our loved ones the dignity of their experience.  I have found that if someone is complaining or has a problem, it is best to first simply listen.  Even if I think I have a fantastic solution for them, I must give them the space to heal on their terms.

Once they have voiced or vented, then I can approach them with, “I know of something that may be helpful to you.  Would you like to know about it?”  If they say, “No” then I get to accept that at face value and give them the space to be themselves.

Your Assignment: Can you sit and be a Big Listening Ear without trying to fix or judge your loved one?  Would you be willing to simply hold neutral space for them?  Can you allow them to say “No, I don’t want help” and maintain your peace of mind?

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