An Invisible Power

Women are powerful beyond measure.  And yet, we don’t know it or allow ourselves to live it.

As I continue along the path of growing, healing, learning, and serving, I have witnessed time and again how immensely powerful women are.  And more importantly, how hugely they influence everyone around them.

After I started my relationship mentoring practice, I was surprised to find how many men came seeking my help.  I assumed that I would attract women who are like I was, frustrated and wondering how to get a fulfilling relationship.

I am finding over and over again how profoundly women affect men.  I knew that my life had been impacted by interactions with men, and yet I had held a selfish and self-effacing belief that I couldn’t possibly impact a man’s life.

How wrong I was.

I see now how brutalized men are by women who are unable to practice self-care.  When a woman is depleted, she leaves a wake of chaos and insecurity.  The same can be said for men, but the power to which I am referring is distinctly female.

I have been interviewing men lately about what it is like for them to be around women who are unhappy or dissatisfied.  The results have been interesting.

One man said, “All I want to do is make the women around me happy.  If a woman is unable to be pleased, it is excruciating.”

Other symptoms of being around a chronically depleted woman are: loss of vitality, feeling drained, no lust for life, decrease in productivity and more.  These words are verbatim from men describing their experience.  Simply by proximity, a woman’s energy and state of mind can have this huge effect on men.

One of my teachers, Yogi Bhajan said that it is our birthright to be happy.  When I heard this, it changed my life.  Not only could I choose to be happy, I would be aligning myself to the universal order.  Once I did that, I experienced how true it was.  I was in the flow.

Now that I see in my own clients and other men how profoundly they care about our wellbeing and how affected they are by our being, I know that it is not only our birthright, it is our duty to be happy.

I know that it takes work.  It also takes an awfully lot of courage to be happy.  Being truly happy opens ourselves up to a realm of depth that can be overwhelming.  It is not always easy to be happy, we are after all, still human and vulnerable to varying moods.  But isn’t being in the flow worth the risk?

Your Assignment:

Receive the gifts that you are given today with gratitude and happiness.  Can you be happy today no matter what the outside circumstances?  What small measure can you take to fill your tanks? Will you rest, read, look at art, putter in the garden, time with children?  Simply for today, please identify something that fills you up and allow yourself the opportunity to do it.


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