How to be an Amazing Partner

The key to being an incredible partner is very simple.  Know you stuff: make friends with your neurosis, fears, foibles, shadow and don’t put it on your partner.

This means that they are no longer responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.  These stories, fears, and junk were installed long ago and luckily, will get activated by your partner.  You have a choice, lean into it as a partner to heal old wounds and get the prize of deeper intimacy or blame the other and reside in misery.

Culturally, the later is more popular but it doesn’t have to be that way.  When you are willing to take responsibility for all of your interactions, you can be free.  When you open up to the idea that all conflict, obstacles, and problems are 100% projection of your fears and stories, you have a choice.

When other people are the problem, you are screwed!  If you see how you co-created any mischief, then you can be free to choose happiness, which is your birthright.

Your Turn:

Next time you are agitated, notice how often you have felt that particular agitation before.  Make friends with the idea that it may simply be a habit and that some old part of you would like some attention.  In that moment, you can ask for help from your beloved and create a deeper bond than ever before.

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