What is relationship coaching?

Dear Friends,

There is no instruction manual for how to forge and uplift relationships. I have done the work for you by distilling the best of the best information and offer you tools to take with you.

We all want the deepest satisfaction out of our relationships and even those of us who have had strong positive examples yearn for deeper connection and the optimum experience. The path can be obscured or even terrifying. The good news is this: that VERY PROFOUND RESULTS CAN COME FROM MAKING VERY SUBTLE AND SMALL DIFFERENCES IN OUR LIVES.

Born of desperation, I studied, interviewed, researched and did whatever I had to do find the answers to being happy single and then how to be the loving mate I had the potential of being but with no idea HOW. (About Sarah Anma)

I have developed a system for frustrated singles to uncover what has been going on to get your unsatisfying results. Working together, you become more and more aware with weekly homework and in our sessions you get simple and effective tools to become more clear on what you want and how to get it.

I have also developed a system for Couples that identifies old disempowering habits to give you and your mate the most loving and uplifting experience possible. I coach both together or one individually in the relationship because, as we know, when one person is empowered, the ripple effects are grand. This system also includes homework and gives simple and effective tools to live the open and loving life that you always knew was possible.

These systems employ yogic, philosophical, psychological, and intuitive techniques to help shift perspective, gain freedom, and realize the “the other person is You.” I use my experience as a yogini, a filmmaker, and a lifelong student of the Art of Relationships to tailor an approach just right for you.

All the best,
singles and couples