A Simple Way to Feel Better

As I walk down this path of becoming more and more aligned with myself and others, I find that the solutions to everyday problems are often incredibly simple.
An incredible way to shift one’s mindset is to simply stop complaining. One may think, “I don’t complain” but if one finds oneself unhappy, stressed, or overwhelmed, one may pause and take an accurate assessment to see if that is the case.
I love the quote by C.K. Louis, “Everything is amazing, and no one is happy!”
This sums up a general attitude. I have met people in other cultures who live what we consider abject poverty who are happy and feel like royalty.
We all do it. We are driven by our biology to complain. We get a little adrenaline rush every time we do it. This is a highly addictive drug and can also give the illusion of connecting to others. Misery does love company.
While the momentum is toward the problem, no one can win.
When we cultivate an attitude of gratitude, we activate a true bonding hormone, oxytocin. This helps us to become truly connected with one another, rather than the divisive negativity that results from complaining.
Adrenaline can be fun, but it is not sustainable and separates us rather than unites us. Let’s cultivate gratitude-hearts for a more generous and loving society.
Your Turn:
Next time you feel glum, check in and see if you are complaining about yourself, someone else, or your circumstances. Can you see the blessing instead? Are you willing to step into a place of gratitude and open your heart?

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