Scheduling Weekly Dates

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs and  work from our home offices.  We are near each other quite a bit but that spacial proximity does not insure closeness or connection.  Every Thursday night is scheduled for just the two of us. We take turns planning something fun for each other.  We have surprised each other with laughter yoga class, a homemade car-picnic at the beach when it was too cold to be outside, yummy food at home with our favorite game, you name it.  We spend a few minutes at the beginning of our date reviewing our vows so that we keep them!  This also reminds us of what is important to us.  We don't talk about bills, logistics, etc, unless it is something that will add to our closeness. This week, clear your schedule for an evening, turn off your phones and dedicate yourselves to each other.  If you have trouble focusing, mention it and move on.  It isn't easy to transcend all distractions but do what you can and know that NEXT week will be a little easier. Please let me know  how clearing the decks worked for you.

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